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For Paintless Dent repair in Colorado:

We are the Experts In Auto Hail Damage Repair

We love seeing our customers fall back in love with their vehicles once we are done making them look just as good, if not, better than before the storm took their value away. It's no fun being constantly reminded of the dreadful day your vehicle took a bombardment every time you look at it. 

If you have full coverage insurance, you are paying for the opportunity to get it fixed every payment! With full coverage, the only amount you are responsible to put toward the PDR hail damage repair is the “deductible amount”.

Was your car hit by a hail storm leaving it looking more like a golf ball than anything else? If so, then have no fear, the American Auto Hail team is here! For the best paintless dent repair in Colorado, our shop specializes in auto hail damage repair or PDR to make those dents go away without putting a hole in your pocket. We want you to be styling in your car without everyone commenting on the damage any longer.

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- Pay $1000 towards your deductible!
- Arrange your rental car!
- Offer a written lifetime warranty!
- Detail your vehicle inside and out!
- Give you $100 for telling your friends!

The total dollar amount of your deductible varies with each insurance plan. Other than that set amount, your insurance will cover any additional cost toward the paintless dent repair by our Colorado teams. For example, if the cost of auto hail repair is $5,000 and your deductible amount is $1000. You would only be expected to pay that $1000 toward the repair. However, American Auto Hail Repair doesn’t even want you to pay that! Here is how!

3 Colorado PDR Locations!


We pride ourselves on offering hail damage repair to Denver and Fort Collins drivers at a rate as affordable as possible while still providing 100% satisfaction and the best quality in the business. We will cover up to $500 of your deductible and get you a free, that’s right, free rental car. We understand everyone has obligations to attend to on a daily basis and that’s why we don’t want you to be hindered by your paintless dent repair process. Our goal is to make this as stress free and affordable as possible, making us your premier choice for paintless dent repair in Colorado.

The steps to getting your paintless dent repair at our Colorado locations are very simple. First you will need to make a claim with your insurance. If you've never had to make a claim, count yourself lucky, and one of our friendly and helpful claim specialists will walk you through it all! From there, you will drop your car off for its paintless dent repair at our Denver or our Fort Collins shop, get into your, again, free rental and go about your life until we get it all fixed! The PDR hail damage repair process usually takes 4-7 days after the insurance company approves the repairs at our facility. Once your vehicle is ready, we detail it, inside and out, making it look as though the storm never hit! 

Contact our Fort Collins dent repair team, our Denver auto hail repair technicians, or our Greeley PDR Guys for high-quality body work and outstanding customer service!