High Strength Steel & Aluminum Body PDR

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PDR on High Strength Steel

The automotive industry shows a trend where buyers are looking for more aluminum in the body of their vehicles. The increase in aluminum frames is not surprising, though, as aluminum is lighter than steel and often contributes to good gas mileage, improved braking, more immediate acceleration, and superior handling.

With aluminum bodied cars, many people fear that it isn't possible to repair dents caused by hail and other forms of impact damage. However, if you understand the paintless dent repair process, you know that it is not only possible but preferable to get specialized care for any aluminum body PDR.

Why Aluminum Body Paintless Dent Repair is Difficult

Unlike steel, which naturally wants to deform back to its original shape, aluminum doesn't have "memory" of its prior shape, making it much more difficult to repair. However, finding an excellent paintless dent repair shop is a better option over replacing the entire panel; not only is it wasteful to have to replace an entire panel, the panel must be matched exactly to your car, requiring extensive expense. An experienced team can overcome the stereotype about the difficulty of aluminum body PDR, using tested strategies to return your OEM panels to their original smoothness.

For those who want to stick with steel:              

The aluminum PDR is similar to hail repair on high strength steel auto bodies. With the advances in automotive technologies, engineers are also exploring ways to make steel, which has been the go-to vehicle body material, lighter and more efficient. With the updates in their manipulation of this metal, it goes without saying that hail repair on high strength steel auto bodies will also need to evolve.

The American Auto Hail Repair Aluminum Advantage

The American Auto Hail Team has mastered the expertise and attention to detail needed to return your high strength steel or aluminum body vehicle to its original beauty. When you want to benefit from the lighter materials, you can rest assured that acquiring dent repair is easy and excellent with American Auto Hail Repair. Hail repair is our specialty, so we make it our business to know exactly how to repair even the newer high strength steel and aluminum-bodied cars and trucks. Reach out to us for a consultation to discuss how we'll use paintless dent repair to restore your car after hail damage. Delaying repairs on aluminum-bodied vehicles is not advised - contact us today!