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What is Paintless Dent Repair?

At American Auto Hail Repair, we arm ourselves with knowledge and experience so we can hold ourselves to a higher standard in the paintless dent repair (PDR) industry. From the moment your vehicle is dropped off to the time you get it back, it’s always in the hands of professionals.

First, every vehicle starts its journey with a hand wash by trained detailers at one of our Colorado auto hail repair facilities. We wash the cars to expose the lustrous finish of the paint and eliminate all the dirt and grime from daily driving. Once the vehicle is clean on the outside, we assess the hail damage on your car for repair. Every panel of the car is evaluated and every single dent (large or small) is marked until the entire vehicle is accounted for.

Following, the vehicle is processed, and we build an extremely accurate estimate based on the industry standard for paintless dent repair. There are a lot of factors involved when building estimates for Colorado hail damage repair. For example, the exterior of most vehicles is made up of high-strength steel, but some are covered in aluminum panels which are more difficult to repair and demand higher compensation. Large dents obviously cost more to fix than small dents so AAhail comes up with a fair price to present to an insurance representative also known as an “Adjuster” or “Appraiser.”

When the adjuster is assigned to the vehicle’s claim he/she will schedule a date and time to see the vehicle at one of our Colorado hail damage repair facilities. At this point, a detailer from AAhail will wash the vehicle and pull it inside to be observed under the correct lighting conditions. Once the adjuster arrives, our shop manager and adjuster negotiate a fair price for the hail damage car repair. Once the price is agreed upon by both parties, American Auto Hail Repair will proceed with repairs.

Paintless Dent Removal

At this point the vehicle is ready for our Colorado hail damage repair team to start work; our trained Remove and Install (R&I) technician will begin taking the inside of the vehicle apart. This step is necessary and minimally invasive making the outside shell of the vehicle, and, thus, the hail damage on the car under repair, accessible. These R&I technicians are highly sensitive to detail and organize the assorted zips, clips and screws that support the headliner of every vehicle.

After the headliner is down, the paintless dent repair begins. AAhail only uses senior PDR technicians, some on our qualified Colorado hail damage repair team have over 25 years’ experience. These techs use specifically engineered tools to pinpoint every dent from hail damage on the car for repair. Each dent requires a series of very precise pushes and the metal gently massages its way back to its original form. Our techs spent years perfecting their craft and PDR is considered an art form in the community. Paintless dent repair is considered an art form because the work and technique can be specific to every technician.

Once every dent is repaired, AAhail requires a strict level of quality control (QC). The newly fixed vehicle is ready for its final evaluation before it’s picked up. After QC, our R&I tech carefully puts the vehicle back together. Each zip, clip and screw are put back to its original spot in the reverse sequence it was removed.

Finally, the vehicle is detailed. Every hail damage car repair comes with a complimentary vacuum, window wash and wipe down, making this the cherry on top of every Colorado hail damage repair. Our office manager contacts the customer and sets a mutual time for the customer to pick up their newly repaired vehicle with no trace of hail damage after the paintless dent repair process.

Conclusively, our friendly office manager explains the repair to our customers while answering any questions they might have. At this point the office manager will explain the Lifetime Warranty and pass on the repair sheet as their receipt.

When hail damage hits your car, our paintless dent repair process, from start to finish, is your best option.