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Why should you choose AAHail's dent removal over the suggested insurance repair shops or the dealership repair shop?

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Why should you choose American Auto Hail Repair for your Denver hail damage instead of your car insurance suggestions? Well, there are three main reasons why. First off, we put your interests first, not the insurance company’s. Secondly, we warranty all of the work and parts we put into your vehicle. Finally, you’re helping support a local business.


In hail damage claims car Insurance companies try and save as much money as they can when finalizing claims on customer vehicles. When the vehicle is first brought in, we wash it, light it, and mark every single dent so that when the adjuster comes out, we show them how many dents and the sizes of each dent. We do this so they can account for the amount of dents and the amount of time it will take to fix every single one. Our attention to detail means that you will get the most accurate price for your Denver hail damage service.


Every step of our work is warrantied for your satisfaction. If your car requires new parts, we replace them with dealership approved, brand new parts. These parts are also double checked for quality upon delivery to our dent repair shop in Denver. If any of the parts that we put on the vehicle aren’t to the customer’s satisfaction, we will replace them. Not only are our new parts warrantied, but the quality of the fix is as well. If anything about the hail repair isn’t up to our customer’s standards, we will make it right and work with you to get the job done!


Furthermore, you would be helping to support local business. This company was established in the summer of 2014 in Fort Collins, Colorado. Currently, we are your local choice for dent repair in Denver, Colorado. Within the last three years we have provided over 2,000 customers quality paintless dent repair.

Don’t settle for hail damage repair your car insurance thinks you need. Contact us now to get the Denver hail damage repair you deserve.

Quality Hail Damage over Car Insurance