Defining Honest Service vs. Auto Dent Repair Scams

Hail storms have become more frequent in Colorado, often denting unprotected vehicles parked, or even worse, those driven during the storm. Because the damage is due to weather conditions, and not by vehicle to vehicle collision, or interaction between vehicle and another object, the paint finish remains intact, and in good condition. That is where paintless dent removal (PDR) comes in, and, unfortunately, where auto dent repair scams come in, as well.

These auto dent repair scams are sometimes referred to as “Dent Gypsies.” Luckily, they’re easy to spot. Auto dent repair scams are generally people who troll shopping mall parking lots under the garish signs that shout “Does paintless dent repair work?” or “Free dent repair” to bait drivers. They are looking for cars with dents and offering to repair them, right then and there, for pennies on the dollar. But buyer beware! They are probably not legitimate.

Here's what to be wary of:

  • Quick fixes. Auto dent repairs take time though scams claim they don’t. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix. It occasionally does happen that some paintless dent removal teams work faster and more efficiently, but these fixes should be done in a shop, by experienced technicians.

  • Where is their physical business located? If there is no indication of a brick and mortar location, as they do the work right there in the parking lot, it is further confirmation that this is one of many mobile auto dent repair scams.

  • No business, or fake business cards? If there is an out-of-state number on the card, that should set off an alarm in your head. But, if you are still tempted, take a minute to call the number on the card and ask the responder not only where they are located but for their business ID number, as well.

  • Will they take your insurance? No? If they only accept cash and they are unprepared to walk you through an insurance claim, then they are not worth your time. Generally, car insurance does cover paintless dent removal work, and an authentic PDR team should be more than familiar with the process.

Why paintless dent repair?

On that note, there are legitimate paintless dent repair shops, such as American Auto Hail Repair, which utilizes similar, but authentic, techniques to make correcting hail damage a fast and affordable process. Unlike traditional body shops, where auto body repair areas are sanded down, dents are removed, and the car, or sections of the car are repainted, the auto dent repair team in a paintless dent repair shop does not utilize these practices. An experienced team, unlike the auto dent repair scams we already discussed, should look at PDR as an art form – one of manipulating and reshaping metal to restore the damaged areas for a better-than-new finish.

American Auto Hail Repair's technicians, or artists, have years of experience in this field. Owners Phil Newman and Stephen Zenzen lead the way, with a combined experience of 30+ years.

American Auto Hail Repair works, first and foremost, with your insurance company to assure you have little to no out-of-pocket expense. And, we help meet your deductible, up to $1000!

Paintless dent repair in a nutshell

Set up an appointment to restore the hail damage on your vehicle. Our detailers will hand wash it, so we can evaluate the damage from front to back and side to side.

We'll invite your insurance adjuster to come by and discuss what we have found. When he, or she, is scheduled, we will rewash your vehicle for that inspection. Once a price is negotiated, we will be ready to perform repairs.

How extensive the damage is will dictate the length of time it will take. Generally, it takes four to seven days, but we arrange your loaner vehicle at no cost. Once we get the go-ahead, our trained Remove and Install technician will take the inside of your car apart. This minimally invasive procedure is necessary to provide proper access to the damaged areas of the auto's shell.

Each dent is gently massaged and molded back into its proper place by one of our PDR technicians. Then, the Remove and Install Technician comes back in and places every part back in its proper place, right down to every bolt, screw, and zip. Lastly, your vehicle will be completely detailed inside and out.

Why go for paintless dent removal? There's no reason to put your car through more work than is necessary and addressing the root issue of the dents will ultimately save you money. Auto dent repair scams will show in your car's resale value.

American Auto Hail Repair is one of the most trusted sources for paintless dent removal work in Colorado. We will work with all major insurance companies at both the Denver and Fort Collins paintless dent repair shops. Don't put off repairing your vehicle’s hail damage, especially when it may be harder to file a claim. Give us a call today!