How Much Does Paintless Dent Repair Cost?

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Some people are turning to paintless dent repair as it can cost significantly less than traditional methods, but just how much does it save from traditional hail repair methods? More people come to us wanting to know just how much they can save using this repair method. They often ask if the costs they save are worth it or not. While we'd love to give a straightforward answer to that, it's difficult for us to do. There are so many factors like the amount of hail damage on the car needing repair that go into determining the estimate for each job we perform. Here, we discuss what influences the price and what some average costs could be for the paintless dent repair work.

What influences the price of a paintless dent repair job?

Each situation is different, so it's important to understand what goes into your price determination. Since there are so many factors used, we thought we'd discuss more common ones here to show how we come up with the resulting price for your hail damage problems.

Number of Dents - Are there only a few to deal with, or are there several? The more dents we must remove, the more the cost will go up. We need to determine the number of dents your vehicle has that need repair.

Size of the Dents - The smaller ones are easier to handle than larger ones. The bigger-sized hail dents take more care as they can cause the most problems down the road with possible rusting of the metal. With more time and effort, the paintless dent repair cost increases for larger dents.

Location of the Dents - Some areas with hail damage may be harder to reach during the car repair process which adjusts the estimate. These hard-to-reach locations will require more work sometimes, increasing the cost of your repair job, depending on the situation.

Type of Car - What type of car are we going to repair? Some will need extra care to avoid damage to other components. Others may be more straightforward and may not need any additional precautions.

Average Costs You May See With PDR

Typically, we separate the costs into three different categories: minor, moderate and severe dent repairs. Which one your car falls under depends on the factors mentioned above. According to the hail damage on your car, the repair estimate you might see with the PDR procedure are as follows:


Hail anywhere from pea-sized to quarter-sized usually causes the least amount of damage. The dents are little and take almost no time to fix. Paintless Dent Repair for minor hail damage can cost anywhere from $50-$200, depending on the factors above.


This level of damage is usually from hail that is over an inch in size and can get up to 2 inches. This kind of hail damage on a car is large enough to need extra work to repair, making the estimate increase. The costs you might see with this level of damage is between $2,000 to $5,000. Prices fluctuate depending on the situation.


This kind of damage will be more expensive because of the severity of the problem. This usually happens with large-sized hail, causing the dents to be deeper than normal. The paintless dent repair cost we see with this level is around $5,000-$10,000, but the price will vary with each job, so the cost could be more or less.

How Can American Auto Hail Repair Help?

Most people have hail damage coverage through their car insurance policy to help offset paintless dent repair cost. To help those who don't have enough coverage to pay for it, we can still work with you. We will:

  • Pay up to $1,000 off your deductible

  • Pay a referral bonus of $100 ($200 for active duty soldiers and Veterans)

  • Offer a written lifetime warranty

  • Offer a full detail and car rental, if your insurer doesn't cover it

Just contact us to learn more about our paintless dent repair service or to get your hail damage car repair estimate today.