Should I Wait For the Next Storm to Fix My Car Hail Damage?

Everyone has the same sinking feeling when they get back to their cars after a hail storm and see those dimples and divots all over the roof. However, the car is often still operational, so we blithely go forward, shouldering the annoyance of a dented roof and assuming "we'll fix it sometime." However, most people don't realize that a hail repair claim takes time to process, and it is important to get the work done sooner rather than later. In fact, we urge you to reconsider if you think you should wait for the next storm to fix your hail damage!

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4 Reasons Not to Wait:

Yes, it takes time from your busy day to take those pictures, talk with insurance, and get an inspection set up so you can get an estimate. However, here are some of the major reasons why the best time to get auto hair damage repaired is now:

1.Claim Time Limits for Hail Damage

Some insurance companies have specific limits, like 6 months or a year, in which you simply must file claims; otherwise, you are on the hook for the damages yourself. Also, waiting even a few weeks or months can be a problem if you have a second hailstorm; figuring out the old and new damage can be very difficult, but obvious to your insurance adjuster, and the weakened metal may take the second round of impacts much harder than it would have if you'd had it repaired. Many insurance companies deal with these situations differently but expect a more expensive situation the longer you wait.

2. Jump to the Front of the Line

Auto body shops receive customers in waves when we work with dent repair due to hail; after all, the storms only come around here and there, and they affect everyone. So, calling your insurance company with no delay at all gives you a huge advantage. Once you've got your estimate from them (or even before!) get estimates from auto body shops and get those repairs going as soon as you know what your payout will be. One day, you could be in and out of the shop rapidly, but if you show up when the line is 20 cars long, you'll have a long, frustrating wait.

If you've been driving around with unrepaired damage from hail, now is the right time to get that estimate and get into the shop. The best days are the ones where no recent hail storms have happened, and you'll be at the front of the line. Don't wait until another storm hits to fix your hail damage!

3.Unrepaired Damage Now Can Mean No Repair Coverage Later

If you went through the insurance claim process but haven't gotten that repair done, you are sitting on a ticking clock. If another hail storm occurs while you are waiting to get those repairs, you may be on the hook for all of the damage due to a clause about unrepaired damages in your insurance. So, once that check is in your hand, head to the auto body shop immediately.

4.Need to Trade In Suddenly? Much Lower Value

There are many reasons why people face the need to trade in a vehicle, but if you ask yourself, "Should I wait to fix the hail damage on my car?" you will quickly remember that it depreciates the value on your car. If you need to sell your car suddenly and haven't gone through the insurance process, you'll either need to foot an expensive bill or accept a lower price for sale of your car. This can be frustrating, especially if you still have a loan for the car, so make sure you do repairs promptly.

Luckily, you have a name in auto hail repair that you can trust. The American Auto Hail Repair team is ready to help you get your hail damage repaired now; learn more and contact us today!