Buying a Car with Hail Damage

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Everyone knows that, when buying a pre-owned or new car, you should go over it in detail. If you find scratches, dents, or other damage, you can often receive a slightly lower price on the car, knowing that you will likely want to get the repairs done yourself. However, you may stop in your tracks if you catch the roof of the car in the light, and recognize the tell-tale signs of hail damage: what should you do? Most people know that there are often complications for car insurance estimates on hail damaged vehicles, but is that the only concern? The jury is out on whether buying a car with hail damage is a good idea or not, but here are some serious considerations as you make that decision:

Positive Factors When Buying a Car with Hail Damage

The biggest positive is that car dealerships may offer a discount to move hail-damaged cars off the lot. However, you need to make sure the hail damage repair will be less than the cost of the car! Here are some tips for getting the best deal possible.

  • Do your research ahead of time! Know what the undamaged price of your car is by doing some comparison shopping on the internet and at other dealerships. You can also ask to get an estimate of the damage from a reputable technician rather than relying on the dealership's estimate.

  • Consider the warranty offered with the car. If it is comprehensive enough, it is possible to get hail damage repaired without you experiencing the costs yourself.

  • If you ask, you should be able to see the car insurance estimate of hail damaged vehicles if they were hit while still on the lot. The dealership has information on what the car insurance company assessed as the hail damaged vehicles, so having that information helps you decide how good of a discount they are passing on to you. 

Negative Factors When Buying a Car with Hail Damage

The biggest negative is that hail damage can be a bit unpredictable; most people can't estimate just how bad the damage is with the naked eye. You need an expert repair company to estimate just how much damage the car incurred.

  • Buying a hail-damaged car can result in no comprehensive coverage. Even if the damage is there when you purchase it, car insurance companies are wary of hail damaged vehicles because of scams where people pass off the damage as new, putting them on the hook for an expensive repair bill. 

  • Some lenders may be unwilling to finance a hail-damaged car due to fears that the value of the car will drop faster than other cars. If you do proceed, make sure your lender is on board first. If they are hesitant, you may be getting a sign that this isn't the car for you!

  • Unfortunately, hail damage isn't the only thing you could be dealing with. For instance, if hail was severe enough to damage the glass, there could also have been enough rain to damage the interior. You want to work with a dealership that is completely honest about the damage that has happened, and if you discover even a little bit of additional damage, you want to really question whether the discount is enough to be worth the costs.

Essential Tip: Find a Trustworthy Hail Repair Company!

American Auto Hail Repair makes it our business to give fair, clear estimates on repairs after hail damage. We can be a resource for you if you are considering buying a hail-damaged car and make sure you aren't missing an important detail on the vehicle before the purchase. We are also here as part of your negotiation process to help you get a good deal if you intend to choose a hail-damaged car and want to make sure your investment is sound.