Best Ways to Protect Your Car from Hail

Hail storms can be unpredictable, so recognizing the danger and being proactive are the best ways to protect your car from hail. Here are some wise tips for keeping your car hail-dent-free

  1. One of the best ways to protect your car from hail is to pay attention to the weather and seek covered parking whenever there is a threat of hail weather conditions. Admittedly, hail storms can come out of nowhere, and weathermen are only so accurate; however, if you do what you can to check the weather on a daily basis or to identify weather patterns that happen in your area, you can stay ahead of the hail in a proactive way!

  2. Investing in a carport with a sturdy roof (or clearing out that full garage so your car can fit in it!) is a great way to ensure that your car is covered during its time at your home.

  3. Have a good idea of some options for emergency spots to park: where are the nearest malls and parking decks that are likely to offer easy shelter? Consider tall buildings where you can park out of the line of the storm, offering you some weather breaking effects.

  4. If you realize that hail is an ever-present reality in your area, one of the best suggestions is upping your insurance coverage to comprehensive makes the most sense. Even if you only have to repair hail damage once, you'll likely recoup your investment in insurance coverage.

While it is best to try these different ways to protect your car from hail damage, if you do find yourself in the circumstance where you need hail damage repair, turn to the trusted paintless dent repair experts at American Auto Hail Repair. Contact us today to learn more.