Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a PDR Team

You want to make sure that any dents in your vehicle are repaired with the utmost care and consideration, but how can you make sure that you've selected a quality repair team that works with Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)? There are a few warning signs that can "give away" that a shop is a high-quality operation, so keep your eyes peeled for the following signs and remember these questions to ask before choosing a PDR team:

What is the cost, and why is it charged at that rate?

While it isn't the only factor, it is always valuable to get a comprehensive estimate ahead of time. The rate itself isn't a key to the quality of the shop (both high and low quality work can cost a lot), but the fact that they can give you a clear explanation of their rate and the work involved is a sign that this shop and the whole team know what they are doing. 

How long will the repairs take?

While it takes a long time to become skilled at PDR, the repairs themselves should be rather rapid, rarely more than one day unless the shop is overrun with work. However, as we all know, the haggling with insurance companies can often take significantly longer, especially when trying to compromise on the best deal for your PDR service. Because of that, there should be a reasonable window of time in the ETA for your repair. If the team says that it will take an extensive amount of time to complete the PDR, they may be planning to outsource it, and thus may not be the right shop for you. If the team promises to have your car back within a day, they may be scamming you with false promises and poor-quality work.

Can I read some reviews and references to your abilities?

Before choosing a PDR team, one of the easiest questions you should ask is how other customers have felt about their work. One of the best ways to ensure that a PDR team is as good as they say is to read reviews of their work and references from those whom they've helped in the past. If a shop cannot provide any online reviews and references showcasing that they have high-quality results, they may be inexperienced or simply might not understand how much of an art PDR is - not just anyone can do it, and good results matter. 

Are you insured, providing warranties, and accredited with the BBB?

Every level of legal protection the team can offer gives you another level of trust in their work. For instance, receiving Better Business Bureau accreditation shows a commitment to solid, ethical business practices, and carrying the correct insurance for their type of business also gives some comfort. Truly stand-out PDR shops will offer a lifetime guarantee on the work they do because they truly believe in its quality. While not everyone can do this, you'll want to keep anyone who can in the back of your mind for future repairs: even a higher upfront cost is worth it to have the peace of mind that your repair is always guaranteed.

Do you offer corrosion protection?

Touches like offering a corrosion protection to further protect the paint during the course of dent repair can be helpful for ensuring that the finish of your car remains pristine after the process of PDR. When shops offer these kinds of assistance, they show that they want your car to look its best after the dent is removed.

Can you talk me through the repair process and techniques?

One last major flag is that a great PDR team can explain carefully what they will do to your car, especially when it comes to accessing the dent and any drilling or other work they'll need to do to remove the dent. They'll have no problem explaining if they have nothing to hide and understand the work well. There is more cause for concern if they seem to not want to explain their process or are very vague about how they'll accomplish the dent repair.

If you are choosing between PDR teams and have questions like these, the PDR specialists at American Auto Hail Repair would be happy to answer them for you! Contact our team now!